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SupplierPortal provides your business with transparency across your supplier network, ensuring that contracts, compliance and risk can be managed efficiently and effectively. 

  • Consolidates supplier networks in one secure and easy to use platform

  • Stores contracts, tracks key provisions, and automatically notifies users 

  • Distributes best practice and bespoke supplier assessment questionnaires

  • Automatically assesses suppliers against user-defined risk criteria

  • Improves supplier performance through bespoke scorecards

  • Tailors supplier information requirements according to supplier category

  • Runs and manages internal and external audits

  • Integrates with ERP and procurement systems


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             “Using SupplierPortal to capture consistent and relevant information from
                suppliers has significantly reduced our corporate risk exposure and                                   reduced the costs, errors and labour associated with a manual                                               spreadsheet based approach

                                                       Financial Controller, Quintain Estates & Development Plc                                                                                                                                                                     (Quintain case study) 

How it works

Setting up SupplierPortal to actively manage your suppliers, identify risk, and monitor compliance for your business is a straightforward process. Before engaging with any suppliers, Greenstone will ensure that your business is prepared and the solution is tailored to your needs.

The setup of SupplierPortal is split in to three steps:

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Strategy & planning

Greenstone will run a planning session with you to assess the readiness of your organisation and throughout the implementation will help to develop your responsible procurement strategy. This will help determine why your organisation needs to gather supplier information, what this is, and the most effective way to engage your own organisation and your suppliers.

1. Create or review responsible and sustainable sourcing processes, and contract management.

  • Review existing strategies or approaches.
  • Identify the drivers for your organisation to gather supplier information.
  • Consider industry requirements, wider legislation and sector approaches.

2. Understand what information is required from suppliers.

  • Review supplier relationships  and categorise suppliers.
  • Identify the information to collect, and contracts to manage by supplier category.
  • Define KPIs and risk and compliance indicators.

3. Plan the most effective way to engage your own organisation and your suppliers. 

  • Workshops for all relevant stakeholders within your organisation.
  • Develop communications plan for suppliers.
  • Identify ways for continued supplier engagement.


Configuration & data gathering

Greenstone will set up SupplierPortal according to your requirements, engage your suppliers and start collecting their data.

1. We set up all of your suppliers and supplier questionnaires.

  • Align supplier questionnaires with information requirements.
  • Upload questionnaires and supplier lists to SupplierPortal.
  • Run supplier communication for self-assessment programme.

2. We configure your contract, risk, compliance, and performance indicators.

  • Create key contract metrics i.e. clauses and categories
  • Upload contracts and additional supplier documents.
  • Configure risk and compliance indicators, audit, and analysis tools in SupplierPortal.

3. We on-board your suppliers and gather their relevant information.

  • Send invitations and follow up with all suppliers.
  • Monitor completion of all questionnaires and provision of documents.
  • Weekly update calls and progress reports.
Supplier management & ongoing reporting

Your ongoing supplier management, due diligence, and reporting requirements are managed through SupplierPortal.

1. You have access to SupplierPortal populated with your suppliers’ information.

  • Contracts and documents uploaded against required suppliers.
  • Database of supplier self-assessment information and documents.
  • Multiple users have user defined access to SupplierPortal.

2. Use SupplierPortal analysis tools to manage and monitor suppliers

  • Dashboards and automated notifications ensure supplier information and contracts remain up to date.
  • Scorecards and risk flags help monitor performance and compliance.
  • Audits enable the review and validation of supplier information.


3. Ongoing reporting and access to information

  • Search and exception reports ensure that all data supplier information can be queried.
  • Download and export supplier reports.
  • Greenstone provide monthly or quarterly performance and compliance report services.

Client Examples

SupplierPortal is a flexible and customisable solution and can benefit your organisation in a number of different ways.  Greenstone will help you with advice and examples to ensure that you get the most out of SupplierPortal, meeting your organisation’s requirements.

Here are some examples of how SupplierPortal is currently being used.  This list is not exclusive and you may wish to combine one or more of these examples to make it work for your organisation. 

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Capturing supplier information

In order to understand your suppliers’ non-financial performance and to identify any potential risks, you want visibility of their environment, labour, health & safety, anti-bribery & corruption and commercial information.

SupplierPortal provides a user friendly online database of questionnaires to collect and analyse supplier information, which can include any other required data that is specific to your organisation. Suppliers can also calculate and report their carbon, waste and water footprints.  

This information is consolidated in one place and is provided in a consistent format across your supplier network.  This allows you to group and label suppliers and identify potential areas of risk through the flexible analytical tools available including scorecards, benchmarking and exception reporting. 


In some instances, you may need to collect mandatory risk and compliance information from your suppliers.

By creating specific questionnaires, you can collect and score supplier information submitted through the portal; ensuring that all suppliers comply with your requirements and standards.

Signed compliance documents and terms and conditions can be uploaded by your suppliers; meaning that you maintain an easily accessible online record of compliance information. Exception reporting functionality allows you to identify non-compliant suppliers and potential areas of risk. 

Investment due diligence

In order to make informed responsible investment decisions, you need to perform non-financial due diligence around potential investments.

You are not limited to collecting supplier information in SupplierPortal. You can group potential investments and current assets in one consolidated database of non-financial information.

The data captured can be interrogated on a group and individual investment basis to ensure responsible investment decisions are made using transparent non-financial due diligence information.

IT Security

Your business may require detailed IT security information from some or all of your suppliers on an annual basis.

Collecting IT security information from your suppliers is an area that requires very specific question sets depending on your business. In SupplierPortal you can request this information from your suppliers in a secure environment, safe in the knowledge that your questions are private to your suppliers.

Being able to have multiple SupplierPortal users means that this information can be collected in conjunction with other internal departments using SupplierPortal for other purposes.

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